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Fire resistant conveyor belts

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FLAMESTOP conveyor belts are resistant to open flames and protect the entire conveyor against flames. These belts are suitable for use in closed, explosive environments.
Aside from having flame resistant properties, FLAMESTOP belts are also antistatic, thus preventing possible discharges on the belt’s surface. Operating temperature is between -30ºC and +70ºC.
The casing is made of polyamide / polyester (EP) or polyester / polyester (EE).

Flame resistant conveyor belts

Flame resistant conveyor belts are available in two versions:

  • type S - antistatic and flame resistant with flame resistant carcass.
  • type K - antistatic belt with flame resistant covers. The carcass is not flame resistant.

FLAMESTOP conveyor belts are available with both cut and covered edges, at widths between 800-1800mm.

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