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Temperature resistant conveyor belts

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As a general rule, when the temperature of the conveyed materials exceeds 60ºC, the use of a temperature resistant conveyor belt is more practical and economical.
Heat can damage the conveyor belts, leading to cracks or scrapes between plies, softening of the rubber, and causing the components between layers or between the rubber and the protecting layers to separate.
Temperature resistant HEATSTOP conveyor belts are ideal for conveying hot sintering materials, pellets, clinker, chemicals, fertilizers, cement and other high temperature materials.
The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE) or polyamide / polyamide (PP).

Temperature resistant conveyor belts

Temperature resistant belts are available in two versions:

  • T 2 - antistatic and resistant to temperatures of up to 130º C;
  • T 3 - antistatic and resistant to temperatures of up to 150º C;
  • T3 type belts are also available with resistance to temperatures of up to 180º C.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend purchasing belts with covers as thick as possible.

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