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Rubber sheets

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We offer a wide range of patterns depending on the rubber mixture or working conditions: NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, food industry rubber sheets.
At the customer’s request, we can offer combined versions of the above-mentioned rubber mixtures.
Rubber sheets are used to cover worktops, warehouse and automobile floors, to stamp gaskets, plate (rubberize) driving drums mounted on conveyors, etc.

Rubber sheets

- general use COMART rubber sheets;
- ABRART abrasion resistant rubber sheets;
- FIREART flame resistant rubber sheets;
- OILART oil resistant rubber sheets;
- OILART antistatic and petrol resistant rubber sheets;
- HEATART heat resistant rubber sheets;
- OZOART atmosphere resistant rubber sheets;
- FOODART food industry rubber sheets;
- TRISART sandwich rubber sheets;
- ROUGHART roughtop rubber sheets;
- OZOART ozone resistant rubber sheets.


Properties and applicability



Made of SBR, NR or a mixture of SBR and NR, for general use applications that do not require special properties. These sheets are resistant to water and alkaline solutions.



Made of SBR and a mixture of SBR and NR, with mechanical properties and very good abrasion resistance.



Made of NBR resistant to B fuel or a mixture of NBR and SBR resistant to oils, mineral, vegetal and animal fats.



Made of EPDM or a mixture of EPDM and IIR, it is recommended in applications in which the temperature exceeds 110°C up to 150°C. Resistant to ozone, ageing.



Made of polychloroprene rubber, used in applications requiring resistance to atmosphere and medium temperatures. Resistant to multiple chemical substances (acids or bases).



Made of SBR, it has a colored rubber layer between two layers of black rubber. It has good abrasion, water and atmosphere resistance.



Made of SBR, is has good abrasion resistance and a Griptop pattern on one side. It can also be used as a mould.



Made of EPDM, used in applications requiring resistance to ozone, ageing and atmosphere.


Aspect and dimensions:
Thickness: 2 to 40 mm
Length (mm): min. 10000 ± 3%
Width (mm): 1000; 1200; 1300; 1400; 1600 ± 3%
Structure: without or with one or two insertions
- for thickness of 2 up to 10 mm – both sides smooth, one side smooth with impression on the other or with impression on both sides;
- for thicknesses over 10mm - one side smooth with impression on the other, or with impression on both sides;

Thickness tolerances:









12,50 and over










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